Directors and Actors


Here is the team of directors and our project manager.

From left: Elsa Björnsdóttir (IS), Mira Zuckermann main director (NO), Ronny Jacobsen (NO), Margrét Pétursdóttir project manager (IS), Bo Hårdell (DK) and Elizabeth Morris (CA).

Here you can see our amazing actors. As you can see they are really cuddly…


The actors are:

–          Kolbrún Völkudóttir
–          Gunnar Snær Jónsson 

–          Thomas Johannessen
–          Pernille Forsberg Vogt
–          Anne-Line Lonnbu Kirste

–          Harald Haraldsen
–          Inuuteq Isaksen

–          Aaron Braeden Wolfe-Maxwell
–          Corinna Den Dekker

More participants will join the group in the final workshop in Iceland in June. Putting up a theater show takes so much more than acting and directing. Many hands will be involved in finalizing the show.


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